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    Hello everyone!

    Welcome on our online Moodle platform. 

    We wish you a great learning experience with our workshop!! 

    Enjoy and thanks for your contributions!!

  • Agenda


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  • Week 1

    Self-introduction, Getting Familiar with Moodle Environment


    The online orientation week will help you to gain a quick understanding of some of the tools available on Moodle, in order to participate to our workshop. You will get an insight about: classrooms, discussion forum, assignments and tests.

    Use the Pdf files below to learn about the tools and practice what you have learnt.
    Participate into the discussion on the forum and interact with each other!

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  • Week 2

    Teaching/Learning with Technology

    During this week we will reflect upon, compare and analyse some eLearning concepts, sharing few examples of eLearning courses. 
    You have to post at least two "good examples" of an online course you have followed or seen and argument why these are considered "good" by you.
    We advice you to go through the provided videos to get some inspirations.

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  • Week 3

    Learning outcomes, SMART


    1. Adapt (if it doesn't fit the SMART) 2 Learning Outcomes you have written on your eLearning Project and share them (as a group) on the discussion forum (deadline ...);

    2. Review the Learning Outcomes that has been submitted by another group, according to the table available below and give your suggestions for improvement (deadline ...).

    The table underneath shows an example of possible groups subdivisions for the review of the Learning Outcomes.

    Quality in Maternal Health  Chronic Diseases 
    Interculturalidad  eSSP 
    Isolation procedures  eSSR

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  • Week 4

    Create your MindMap

    This week you are invited to critically reflect on your e-Project, looking at its flow and the coherence while planning the e-activities.
    Based on 1 learning outcome, you will have to plan the learning activities and define their sequence according to a MindMap template you will find here.

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  • Week-5

    Multimedia Principles: The Basics

    "The objective of this week is to make you understand and apply the rational use of text, pictures and audio when planning to generate content."

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  • Week 6

    Feedback on the Introduced eProjects

    Based on the introduced mindmap, each group will receive tailored feedback/suggestions from the WS steering group.

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  • F-2-F Day 1

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  • F-2-F Day 2

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  • F-2-F Day 3

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  • F-2-F Day 4

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